Plug-in Media takes privacy very seriously. We are dedicated to being honest about what we track, and treating your data with care. 

Our Policy

This policy is designed to share the information we collect and how we use it. We last updated the contents of this policy on January 8 2016.

Plug-in Media may change or update the Privacy Policy at any time as we add new or different features, or as the law changes. Unless another date is given, the changes are effected upon posting. Please review the Privacy Policy frequently. This Privacy Policy is also part of the Terms of Service that explain your rights and responsibilities when using Plug-in Media's services and sites. If you don't agree with this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service, you should not use the sites and services. 

What Information is Collected?

Personal Data

Plug-in Media doesn't knowingly collect any personal data in any of our kids' apps. If you contact us for help, or just to say hello, we will only use your email address to reply.

Non-Personal Data

Plug-in Media may collect non-personal information about the use of our apps to help us improve our services. 

To help us provide the best service, optimise and improve our products, we use Unity's analytics system. Their Privacy Policies can be found at This help us to understand the use of the site and apps. In association with them, we may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, device manufacturer and model, operating system and version running on your system or device, browser type, language, make of the CPU, and number of CPUs present, the graphics card type and vendor name, graphics card driver name and version, which graphics API is in use, amount of system and video RAM present, current resolution, version of the Unity Player, version of the Unity Editor used to create the content, a number describing whether the player is running on Mac, Windows or other platforms; and a checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it did transmit correctly; application or bundle identification ("app id") of the game installed, game progress, time spent playing and achievements. This information is for internal use only and can't be shared. 

Plug-in Media may also collect non-personal information about the use of the Get Well Soon Hospital website, including cookies and web beacons to help analyze our services (e.g. counting the number of times our pages are viewed). If you'd like more information on this, feel free to contact us at